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We are passionate about supporting Artisans and Small Businesses in Haiti

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Enjoy a variety of Holiday designs to spruce up your collection and... 

Coffee and Chocolate

Enjoy our selection of ethically sourced coffee and chocolate grown in the... 

  • Accessories made in a Tiny shop in Haiti

    We sell an exclusive line of accessories that are designed in house and manufactured in a tiny shop in Simon right in the heart of Port au Prince. They still use pedal sewing machines and financially support a team of 5 artisans.

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  • Pottery

    Handmade Pottery from the Papillon Artisan Group, who specializes in Job Creation in Haiti.

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  • Haitian Coffee and Chocolate

    Check out our Haitian Coffee brands who pride themselves in ethically sourced beans and work directly with the farmers in the lush mountains of Haiti.

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What is Metal Art?

Learn the History of Haitian Metal Art and How it's Made!

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Did you know a portion of our proceeds is donated to At the Table Foundation?