What is Metal Art?

What is Metal Art?
Haitian Metal Art is a unique and beautiful art form that transforms 55-gallon steel oil drums into incredible pieces of art. It is imbedded in Haitian culture and was pioneered by Georges Liautaud in the 1950's when he began making crosses to honor the dead at cemeteries. This tradition has been passed down through generations and most Artisans can be found working in the village of Croix-des-Bouquets.
How it's Made!
The process of making each piece and is extremely labor intensive.
First the top and bottom of the 55-gallon oil drum is cut, placed inside the drum, and set on fire to burn excess oil and paint. The cylinder is then cut down the center, laid flat, and pounded out into a thin sheet that is around 3'x6'. 
Next, the artist uses chalk and a stencil to plan out the design and uses a hammer and chisel to cut out the shape. The artist uses tools that look like railroad spikes to hammer out different patterns and create texture. 
Final step is polishing the metal with a wire brush and applying a clear varnish to give the piece a glossy finished look.